Why SEO Friendly Web Design?

It’s a given: if you want to market online, then you need to have a website. But it should not be one of those run-of-the-mill poorly designed web pages. We’re talking about unique, highly targeted, brand-centric, SEO-powered, and attractive web page design.


But why should you aim for an optimized web page design? Here are 5 reasons:




One of the big goals in search engine optimization is visibility or, as others would call it, achievement of online presence. In other words, if someone looks for information you can provide, your website shows up in the search engine results pages. Being visible is already good since a lot of websites languish from the lack of it, so they hardly have any traffic. Of course, they don’t have any sales, and it would not be long before the website suffers its own death.




Visibility, however, isn’t sufficient, especially if you’re running an e-commerce website. You want to be first, because being right on top means you get the biggest share of the lead pie. You have beaten your competitors, and you are the most relevant business for your targeted leads. Only when you perform a combination of effective web design and dynamic search engine optimization will you be able to achieve the prominence you need.





A well-optimized website is accessible, and we’re not just talking about accessibility in the desktop environment. We are also dealing with mobile landscapes. Yes, any forward-thinking online marketer slash SEO specialist should know how to perform mobile marketing and design as the trend already points toward that direction. More leads and customers will be checking shopping websites and even buying goods through their mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.


Accessibility also refers to the condition of the web pages. When a website is properly designed and optimized, then its pages are accessible and do not result to dead links. Dead URLs are a bane since they almost always drive page ranks down. In fact, Google penalizes sites with dead links. Further, if Internet users open inaccessible links, they wouldn’t think twice before they move on—and you cannot expect them to come back.




A successful online marketing campaign is hugely participated by Internet users or audience. They have become more proactive when it comes to purchases and sales. They want to be heard and be allowed to express their own opinion. They also love to interact with other Internet users as well as to the business owners.


By attracting more people into your website through effective SEO, you can foster better engagement. Moreover, website design can enhance the experience by the adoption of polls, message boards, blogs, contact forms, and other tools that promote communication or feedback.




As they say, provide customer service and money will follow. If customers can easily access the web pages, if all the information is easily found, if they can communicate with the rest of the network, and if they have a pleasant overall user experience, then there’s no reason for them to leave you. In fact, they’ll tell the rest how awesome you are.